Seeds to sow in November

What seeds can I sow in November? In this article you will find suggested seeds to sow in November for a continued harvest throughout the year and some gardening tips for November. If you are wondering which seeds to sow in the garden or what to sow in autumn on the allotment, or what vegetables can I plant in November, here are a few ideas.

Herbs seeds to sow in November

Many herbs can be grown on the kitchen windowsill, which makes them ideal for use in cooking. Dill, basil, parsley and chives are good candidates for this.

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And cress can be grown in a saucer or container. Just sprinkle a few seeds onto some damp tissue or cotton wool. In about 10 days to two weeks you should be able to harvest some young cress shoots to add to sandwiches, salads, to use as a garnish and in stir fry meals.

It is important to take care of the herbs growing on the windowsill. They will need watering, but not to sit in waterlogged compost. If you have curtains at your windows, cold air can be trapped between the curtain and the window glass, therefore make sure you bring the plants inside the warmth of the house when you close the curtains.

Sprouted seeds can be grown all year round in your kitchen, find out how here. Try green lentils, chickpeas, mung and aduki beans

Sow under cover

If you have the protection of a covered growing area like a polytunnel, greenhouse or even a cold frame you can start off some spring onions during November. I find good varieties for autumn and winter growing are Performer or Guardsmen. In our zone 8 climate Performer can grow all year round with a bit of cover and it will provide you fresh onion flavor in your kitchen.

In milder areas you could try sowing Cauliflower, use a variety like All The Year Round and then plant out once about three to four inches high. They will grow slowly, but could provide you with an earlier harvest during the spring.

You can also sow some winter lettuces and salad leaves seeds in November.

Peas are a great addition to the autumn menu. Sow under cover for the pea shoots, which add a fresh pea taste to salads, garnishes or even into stir fry meals. Choose a variety that will grow in the cooler temperatures of autumn, something like Meteor (first early) or Kelvedon Wonder. If space is at a premium, try growing peas in guttering.

How to grow peas in guttering

Carefully drill some holes in the base of the guttering. Use string or baler twine to hang the gutter from the ceiling or from hooks under shelving. Fill the guttering with compost and sow the peas approximately 3 inches apart. You will need to check that the compost doesn’t become too dry as it can easily dry out. You can usually continue to harvest pea shoots from these plants throughout the autumn and winter.

Sow outside in November

There is still time to sow Broad Beans. Select ones that are suitable for winter growing. In the UK, a reliable variety is Aquadulce Claudia. Autumn sown broad beans take around 24 weeks from sowing to harvest. You can also sow broad beans in the spring. The plants will grow away quickly, but an autumn sowing will usually provide a harvest three to fours weeks earlier. By sowing broad beans in both autumn and spring, the harvesting season can be extended.

Now is the ideal time to plant overwintering alliums.

Onion sets like Senshyu Overwintering onions should be planted, flat end down and pointy end up.

Many gardeners will just push the sets into the ground, however I like to cover onions and garlic with two to three inches of soil. The deeper planting allows the roots to establish before the green shoots appear above the soil. Birds often pull at the shoots. But because the plants are more firmly rooted, they have a better chance of staying in the ground.

Garlic – A good selection of garlic varieties can be purchased online, try The Garlic Farm which is based on the Isle of Wight and offers mail order.

How to make a simple low tunnel for growing under cover

Push a double row of short canes into the ground. Slide lengths of MDPE piping over the canes to form hoops. Cover with clear polythene and weigh down the sides.

Watch this video that shows you how I made a low tunnel from recycled materials.

Further information

In milder and warmer areas it may still be possible to sow some of the seeds I mention as Seeds for October, just be mindful of when your first frosts are likely to arrive.

Herbs for ground cover

Watch the accompanying video What to sow in November

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