How We Can Help You Today

There are times when you just can’t find the answers to your questions, or you want to bounce your ideas against someone else. And now you can book a gardening consultation in the form of an online, one to one, meeting with me to solve your gardening and homesteading queries.

one to one online consultation

30 minute one to one meeting

Need some help deciding where to start in your garden or allotment? Unsure how to make the most of your time outside? Know the basics, but want to look at the next steps to a productive and beautiful garden? Try a gardening consultation! Book half an hour face to face online meeting with me to discuss your gardening and homesteading questions. 30 Minute One to One Meeting £49.00

It’s never been easier to get help and advice. Your gardening consultation could include

SEEdS and Plants

  • Where to buy seeds and plants
  • How to choose for you
  • Germination issues
  • Growing problems

Gardening methods

  • Find what works for you
  • Understand the basics
  • More advanced techniques
  • Specific queries for your garden

Layout and design

  • What’s the best layout
  • Whole garden design
  • Reflect on what you want
  • Choose for your garden

regen ag and PERMACULTURE

  • Where to start
  • Where to find practical help
  • Choosing a course
  • Specific queries for your garden
Courses are held at Byther Farm

Ways to find help with Byther Farm

The Garden Blog covers many gardening, homesteading and ‘green living’ subjects. From basics of how to grow to thought-provoking pieces about gratitude and treading gently on the planet.

You can watch the hundreds of videos on our award-winning YouTube channel, and find even more information in my books, Grounded and The Seasoned Gardener.

But if you’re looking for individual responses to your questions or the opportunity to talk through your ideas and plans with me, arrange a 30 minute informal chat. I use Zoom for meetings, so you can choose to use your video for face to face conversation or just use the audio, if you’d prefer, for your gardening consultation.