Resources we love

You asked, so here we share the suppliers that we use most often and resources that we love. Some have affiliate links, which means if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through, we may receive a small commission. It will not cost you anything extra, and you’ll be supporting the work we do at Byther Farm.

Direct Plants

Quality plants. This is our first stop of fruit trees and ornamental shrubs.

Rose arch tunnels and polytunnels. For 10% discount use the code LIZ10 at the checkout.

Gardening Naturally

Frames and tunnels for pest control. Netting and cloches.

Muck Boots

Both Mr J and I wear Muck Boots whenever we are in the garden.

OFFER! Muck Boots offer our readers 15% discount when you use the discount code 24BYTHEFARM15 in UK, and in US and Canada use BytherFarm15.

MI gardener

For seeds in USA.

plantsurge water softener

Plant Surge

Boost plant growth with this garden water softener.

OFFER! For 10% discount use the code LZ10 at the checkout.

Amazon Prime

Package includes free delivery of purchases, video channel, music, photo storage, online books.

naked sprout toilet rolls

Naked Sprout

Unbleached bamboo or recycled paper toilet rolls

OFFER! For 10% discount use the code LIZZORAB at the checkout.

Some of my favs


  • Real Seeds
  • MI Gardener (USA)
  • Baker Creek (USA)
  • Tamar Organics
  • Premier Seeds Direct

Garden structures

  • First Tunnels
  • Waltons Sheds
  • RSPB birdhouses
  • Agriframes
  • Harrod Horticulture


  • Royal Horticultural Society
  • The Woodland Trust

regen ag and PERMACULTURE

  • Permaculture Women’s Guild
  • Permaculture Magazine
  • Permaculture Education Institute
  • Oxford Real Farming Conference