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Vegetable garden at Byther Farm

Self sufficiency in a modern world.

In November 2015 we moved to our small homestead in Monmouthshire to start a new life. We have taken steps towards self-sufficiency in our food through vegetable gardening and fruit growing, giving us more self-reliance and food security, with the added benefits of improved health and resilience.

The farm’s productive area was created using permaculture principles and we work with nature, not against it, using traditional and natural methods to grow healthy, nutritent rich food. We grow biointensively to gain maximum yields from the space that we have.

Byther Farm is under an acre in size and has a food forest, raised bed garden and a small market garden. The fruit and vegetable production area covers approximately half an acre, providing food for our family and for a small Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) veg box project.

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We documented every step of the way through writing, videos and photographs to share our experience. On the blog pages you’ll find my account of the first year in words and photographs, and from 2017, I used video to document the transition of the land, our environment and ourselves as we worked towards being able to feed ourselves from the garden.

We now offer a CSA veg box scheme, courses on site (not available during movement restrictions), video tutorials, merchandise and a podcast.

Find out more about us on our About page.


My favourite quarterly magazine

Compost bays making a fence at Byther Farm.
Byther Farm view of the compost bay fence in 2016

On this site you’ll find –

  • more information about us,
  • the plants that we grow and how we grow them,
  • our media like the Byther Farm podcast – Gardening Demystified and our blog, plus links to our YouTube channels
  • courses when they are available
  • Byther Farm merhandise and
  • resources, tips and guides to help you start your journey to self sufficiency in food.

More than anything I hope you’ll find this website interesting and useful as I continue to add fruit and vegetable gardening tips and ideas together with useful information from other gardeners and growers.