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Self Sufficiency in a Modern World

In November 2015, we moved to our small homestead in Monmouthshire to start a new life. We have taken steps towards self-sufficiency in our food through vegetable gardening and fruit growing. This has given us more self-reliance and food security, with the added benefits of improved health and resilience.

The farm’s productive area was created using permaculture principles. And we work with nature, not against it. We use traditional and natural methods to grow healthy, nutritent rich food. We grow biointensively to gain maximum yields from the space that we have.

Byther Farm is under an acre in size. It has a food forest, raised bed garden and a small market garden. The fruit and vegetable production area covers approximately half an acre, providing food for our family. We also grow for a small Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) veg box project.

Self sufficiency in a modern world

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On this site you will find

More than anything I hope you’ll find this website interesting and useful. I will continue to add fruit and vegetable gardening tips and ideas. You can also find useful information from other gardeners and growers.

What do we mean by self sufficiency in food?

We don’t expect to be capable of producing 100 per cent of our needs and wants from the land. We are working towards providing as much of our own food as is practical. Vegetable gardening and fruit growing provides most of our plant based food. Our poultry provide eggs and occasionally meat, but we still visit the local shops for some supplies.