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Grounded – A Gardener’s Journey to Abundance and Self-Sufficiency by Liz Zorab

Publication due February 2021.

Grounded by Liz Zorab Foreword by Huw Richards

“The beauty of Grounded is it provides the mental toolkit needed to unlock homegrown food abundance from an empty or under-used space.”

From the foreword, Huw Richards, Gardening YouTuber and author of Veg in One Bed and Grow Food for FreE

This story is of a gardening journey, from bare field to bountiful feast! Grounded is an inspiring tale of a transformation. From tired paddock to food abundance in just over four years with little money and a lot of resourcefulness and clever ideas.

Liz Zorab also tells the story of how she transformed her life. Overcoming the effects of chronic illness to develop a self-sufficient, independent lifestyle. This has taken Liz and her husband away from the rat race. They now enjoy greater freedom and a more abundant life.

Grounded is an inspiring blend of practical tips and ideas with personal narrative and a smattering of humour. It will encourage you to take your first steps to self reliance – because this is more easily achievable than you had ever imagined. It will show you how to:

  • Become more resilient
  • Be creative with resources
  • Make the most of the space you have
  • Achieve more without exhausting yourself
  • Fill your garden without emptying your pocket
  • Enjoy the process as much as the results

Grounded by Liz Zorab is a tale of courage and imagination that will inspire you to grow your own productive paradise and live your dreams.

Published by Permanent Publications.

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You can read why I wrote Grounded and some of the process of writing it on this blog post. There is certainly much more to writing a book than I had imagined and seeing some of the processes behind the production has left me with a feeling of awe at the publishers, Permanent Publications, who have been supportive, patient and great to work with.

In early December 2020, a draft pdf of the book was sent to a handful of gardeners, growers, writers and content creators that for their opinions of Grounded. I await their thoughts and hope that they enjoy it, just as I hope that you will enjoy reading it too.

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bySerina Nell (You Can't Eat the Grass) onGrounded
For Beginner and Experienced Growers

In Grounded, Liz Zorab unfolds the history of her gardens creation. But also, the deeper story of how we change the landscape, and in doing so, change ourselves. Filled with important lessons learned along the way, the reader can be gently educated about permaculture, frugal gardening, and intentional living. But more importantly, they will always be entertained by Liz's joy of growing and relatable worries.

byTanya Anderson onGrounded
Guidebook for Aspiring Smallholders

Grounded is a refreshingly honest and entertaining read that weaves together personal experience and practical food-gardening tips. It's a modern yet down-to-earth guidebook for aspiring smallholders on par with John Seymour’s ‘The Fat of the Land’