These are just a few of the websites we like and that we visit regularly and find value in their content. Learning is a constant process for us, you will often hear me say ‘every day is a school day’. This potential for learning and understanding new knowledge is what keeps me so interested in gardening, growing and our homestead life. Some websites we visit for every day facts and information, others for pure inspiration. Both have equal value for us. The last section of this page shows some of the clothing and footwear websites that we like and use. (Disclosure. Some of these are affiliate links. In other words, if you make a purchase we may earn a small commission. View our full disclosure statement)

Reading and Learning

This website is probably the one I visit most often for answers and inspiration for about permaculture, food forests and the environment. This is the home of Permaculture Magazine, which is published quarterly and is packed with information and articles from around the globe.

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Gardening and Inspiration

Clothing and footwear