Seeds to Sow in September – resources list

Seeds in UK (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Broad Bean – Aquadulce Claudia

Spring Cabbage – April

Chinese Cabbage

Lettuces – Organic Winter Density or Lollo Rossa Mixed

Spring Onions – Performer

Overwintering Onions – Senshyu Yellow Globe

Peas – Meteor (first early)

Potatoes – Pentland Javelin (labelled as ‘for Christmas harvest’

Organic Summer Radishes – Sparkler or Mixed colours

Winter Radishes – Red Meat or birra di monaco – muncher bier

Organic Spinach – Giant Winter

Salad Leaves – Oriental Ruby Streaks or Mustard Green in Snow or Organic Mizuna

Turnips – Organic Purple top White Globe or Organic Golden Globe or Snowball

Seeds in USA (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Spring Cabbage – Copenhagan Market Early (can be sown now for late year harvest)

Chinese Cabbage – Peking Napa

Lettuces – Organic Winter Density

Spring Onions – White Lisbon or Organic White Nebraska

Overwintering Onions – Senshyu Yellow or Ruby

Potatoes –

Summer Radishes – Organic mixed colors

Winter Radishes – Organic Red Meat or China Rose

Winter Spinach – Organic American Spinach

Salad Leaves – Mustard Tendergreen or Red Giant

Organic Turnips – Purple Top White Globe or Golden Ball

Seeds to Sow in September – resources list

One thought on “Seeds to Sow in September – resources list

  • August 31, 2020 at 11:15 am

    brilliant. Thank you – my first year trying to grow winter greens – small north facing back garden just north of Leeds! I might have to pot up in the front garden


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