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Originally published 7th December 2015

What a fabulous day Sunday was! Not the weather, that continued to be autumnal with blustery winds and some showers, but with a visit from my daughter, her partner and my two grandsons. It’s the first time that they have seen the house, apart from the vast numbers of photographs that I have sent to my daughter of course, and I was very keen to show them around.

Number one grandson very sensibly arrived with spare welly boots and coat to leave at Grandma’s farm, so after a welcome cup of tea and a quick look around the inside of the house, I took them for a wander around the garden. Luckily my grandson approved of my plans for the chicken condo and I can look forward to them arriving in the next week or so.

Lunch with a fidgety four year old and under-the-weather 3 week old baby was never going to be a smooth affair, but it was sociable and fun and number one grandson showed me that he can now count to 100. I was impressed, as any grandparent would be.

Shortly after lunch Mr J headed off to go to a book sale in aid of the charity Kidney Wales Foundation and returned late afternoon with a great little book about organic farming. After my daughter and her family had headed back to their home about 40 minutes away, I spent the afternoon pottering around in the house, putting more things away.

Today I was delighted to see that the rain had stopped, the skies were getting clearer and it was nice enough to tackle a gentle task outdoors. So I started to put the glass into the greenhouse. Now this looked really easy in the videos that I’ve watched on YouTube and it would be really easy if I had done it dozens of times before, but I haven’t and it was more fiddly than I had anticipated.

But worse than fiddly little W shaped metal clips pinging off the metal frame and onto the gravel was the loud crunching noise of metal on glass that went with each clip being put in place. Like nails on a blackboard, my teeth went dry with every single one. I was slightly relieved when Mr J suggested that it would be a good time to head back to our previous rented house and collect another car load of belongings!

Family matters

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