A day in the garden

Originally published 9th December 2015

Archie, the cat, has now settled into his new surroundings very well, he seems relaxed and happy and has got back into his former routine of being out most of the night and sleeping most of the day. He was still out doing whatever it is he does at night when I got up.

After another woefully early start today, shortly after dawn I went out to the garden to start putting the windbreak netting up around the soon to be fruit and vegetable garden. It all happened rather more easily than I thought it would, which was delightful and by mid-morning, it was starting to look very pleasing. So I headed back indoors and made some mince pie tarts to go with a cup of tea.

A friend, Lucie, called round for a cuppa, mince pie and catch up and to have a look at our new home. She understood our excitement and shared our joy in finding such a fabulous home. For the remainder of the afternoon, I finished putting in place the first section of windbreak and planted a couple more shrubs in the border in the shelter of the windbreak.

As the light started to fade, I realised just how tired I had become and headed indoors to make supper and prepare for an early night. There’s another busy day planned for tomorrow and I imagine that I won’t get much time out in the garden so I am pleased at how much I have achieved today.

A day in the garden

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